Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Registry First Aid v8.2.0 Final Full Version Free Download+++

What's New in version 8.2.0+ show of avaialable suggested corrections if one or more found for ch error entry;+ icon for shortcut folder in Start Menu;+ icon added to "open in RegEdit" menu for Registry Manage;+ option to restore default Excluded Paths to Scan for Corrections in settings;+ new dialog to enter or edit excluded registry ;+ show of excluded items nr every egory in Excluded Registry ;+ show affected egory excluded lists in confirmation dialog on adding excluded entries from the list of found errors;+ quick jump to an entry in the list of found errors on starting type name/value/invalid string;- RFA at bug fixed - it may appr that the last registry scan date is not correct;+ Registry Manage "Open with.." plugin: rd module descriptions from resource strings;- Registry Manage bug fixed - only BHO plugins with not empty ProdID were listed;+ Registry Manage: quick jump to an entry in the list of found errors on typing item name;- Registry Manage: some long strings were truned in the list;+ Registry Manage: plugin BHO - rd wow6432node ;+ Restore Full Backups: option to select and delete several backups at once;+ Restore Full Backup: show backup folder size under the backup list;Download Registry First Aid From Here
"OR" Mirror Download Link is Here:
Download Registry First Aid From Here

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