Tuesday, May 24, 2016

PCSX2 1.0+Bios+Binaries+Full Installer+Web Installer Full Version Free Download For (/Mac/Linux)

After many long yrs of development, debugging and testing effort, we have rched a point where PCSX2 runs a grt majority of the games, and there are no important issues that could possibly be fixed without requiring major modifiions to the emulator.
Because of that (and because we alrdy felt it was overdue), we decided to stop thinking of new things to do for a bit, polish the stability, compatibility and existing ftures and relse the result as the first major version of PCSX2!
There have been tons of changes since the last relse, including improvements to Jake Stine's wxWidgets GUI overhaul, cottonvibes' new multithrded VU core and improvements on the primary plugins.This relse is a big milestone that marks the way to new ftures and improvements!
Here is an excerpt of the latest changes:

Core: timing adjustmentsmicroVU fixes for Metal Gr Solid 2 and otherseral speedupsmicroVU speedupNew GIF unit that mimics the rl one bettermicroVU elementary function bug fixed (affecting Valkyrie Profile 2, Radiata Stories and Star Ocn 3)Implemented Multi-Thrded VU! A new speed with almost 100% compatibility with games, using a third core to run the VU1 unit separatelyVD fixes (Time Crisis boots now)Added support for progressive scan timingsPath 3 arbitration and timing refinementsAdded Finnish, Malaysian, Korn, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese and Polish translationsSPU2-X:Configurable output volumeFixes to reverbVarious sound looping fixesImproved time stretcherReverse phase audio quality improvedGSdx:Fixed RGB mode recordingTexture cache change that fixes some black screening gamesImplemented NVidia FXAA 3.10, page up activates itBetter multithrdingArc the Lad bad fog fixFixed shadows in software rendererImplementation of GSdx "Shadeboost" project (saturation, brightness, contrast settings)User configurable in the GUIFixed flickering in many FMVsImplementation of GSdx "Cutie" project (various extra CRC )Lilypad:Pad state getting stuck with savestates bug fixedUSBqemu:Revamped it a bitLinux:

OnePad changes:New dialog configuration panelImproved support of various pad (sixaxis)/mouse/wiimoteAdded support for more controllersAdded support for pressure-sensitive buttonsGSdx:GSdx ported for Linux! Based on OpenGL 3.3 with some 4.x hardware independent extensions. Requires OpenGL 4.2 drivers and is still in experimental stages. Don't expect the hardware renderer to run properly, but the Software renderer should be fine.Added support for configuration and board shortcuts from PCSX2ZZogl:Added support for configuration and board shortcuts from PCSX2Added a GLSL backend to replace CG. Like GSdx, it requires OpenGL 4.2 drivers. Only available with PCSX2 self-compilation.PCSX2 GUI:Added thrd timing information to see the CPU usage in the status barFix multiple frame/box letters sizing. In addition to these changes we found a fixed several bugs that could ld to crashes in various situations.
The PCSX2 executable has been built and tested with PGO optimizations enabled so it will be an extra 10% faster over regular SVN builds.

We hope you enjoy this first major version relse and have fun playing your games on it!Download pcx2 emulator download from here

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