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Delta Force 4 - Black Hawk Down Full Version Game Free Download

Delta Force was formed after numerous, well-publicized terrorist incidents in the 1970s. These incidents led the U.S. government to crte a counter-terrorist unit.
military and government figures had alrdy been briefed on a model for this type of unit in the rly 1960s. Charles Beckwith, a Special Forces r and Vietnam veteran, had served as an exchange r with the British Army's Special Air Service (22 SAS Regiment) during the Malayan Emercy. Upon his return, Beckwith presented a detailed report highlighting the U.S. Army's vulnerability in not having an SAS-type unit. U.S. Army Special Forces in that period focused on unconventional warfare, but Beckwith recognized the need for "not only tchers, but doers." He envisioned highly adaptable and completely autonomous small tms with a broad array of special skills for direct action and counter-terrorist missions. He briefed military and government figures, who were overtly resistant to crte a new unit outside of Special Forces, or change existing methods. Finally, in the mid-70's, as the thrt of terrorism grew, Pentagon brass tapped Beckwith to form the unit.
Beckwith had estimated that it would take 24 months to get his new unit mission-rdy. In the mntime, the 5th Special Forces Group crted Blue Light, a small counter-terrorist contint which operated until Delta became fully operational in the rly 1980s.
On 4 November 1979, shortly after Delta had been crted, 53 Americans were taken captive and held in the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran. The unit was assigned to Operation gle Claw and ordered to covertly enter the country and recover the hostages from the embassy by force on the nights of 24 and 25 April in 1980. The operation was aborted after aviation failures. The review commission that examined the failure found 23 problems with the operation, among them unbriefed wther encountered by the aircraft, command-and-control problems between the multi-service component commanders, a collision between a helicopter and a ground-refueling tanker aircraft, and mechanical problems that reduced the of available helicopters from eight to five (one fewer than the minimum desired) before the mission contint could lve the transloading/refueling site.
After the failed operation, the U.S. government crted several new units. The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), also known as the Nightstalkers, was crted specifically for Delta infil/exfil in missions like Operation gle Claw. The Navy's SL Tm Six was crted for maritime incidents. The Joint Special Operations Command was crted to control and oversee joint training between the counter-terrorist assets of the various branches of the U.S. military.
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