Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Manager v5.0.0.164 Full Version Free Download+ uine

Manager is an indispensable tool for the active Internet user. It fully automates the process of entering s and other data into websites and saves the user going to the trouble of crting and remembering multiple s.When you use Manager to log in, you can rest assured that your data is safe. The software crtes exceptionally strong s and prevents your login information from being stolen. All confidential data is encrypted and kept in a dedied database on your computer.

Manager makes your web experience safer, quicker and more convenient.

Ftures :
- Secures s and personal data in an encrypted vault
- erates random, strong s that are nrly impossible to
- Virtual board uses mouse-clicks instd of tracble strokes
- Extremely convenient with only one master for you to remember
- Automatically completes log-ins and long web forms
- Portable version can be saved to a flash drive and safely used on multiple PCs

Secure storage of s and personal data
Manager securely stores your s and personal data in an encrypted vault on your computer. The vault can only be accessed by a master or other authentiion method that you define, ensuring that your s are always safe.

sy website log-in
Manager fills logins and s automatically. It supports major browsers, including Internet Explorer and Firefox, and appliions. So you no longer have to remember all of your usernames and their associated s – just one master .

A choice of authentiion methods
Manager helps you control access to your vault with a master , or by using a flash drive or Bluetooth device, such as your mobile phone. Simply configure your vault so that it is only available when your mobile phone is connected to your computer via Bluetooth. If you lve your computer and take your phone with you, the vault will lock automatically.

eration of random, strong s
The security of your data depends directly on the strength of your s. And many people use similar, if not identical, s for multiple accounts, lving you vulnerable if a single is . Manager can erate random, strong s for you that are extremely difficult to .

Automatic completion of lengthy forms
Websites often ask you to enter your personal information, such as your full name, date of birth, der, email address, mailing address and phone . Manager helps you save time by automatically entering this information for you.

Effective protection against loggers
A logger is a malicious program that can track trokes on your computer to illegally capture personal data, such as s. Since Manager enters s without actually using the board, your s are protected. And with the Virtual board fture, you don't even need to use trokes to enter your master .

Protection from phishing attacks
Phishing is a type of hostile activity whereby you're invited to visit a phony, but authentic-looking website in the hopes that you'll divue account information. Manager effectively counters phishing attacks by ensuring that a URL is authentic before logging you on to the website.

New ftures and improvements:
- Support for Google Chrome
- Secure memos that alllow you to store your personal records securely
- Synchronization with the Portable Version database
- Secure exchange of account details, which allows sharing the login and with family and friends
- Multilevel authentiion, including PIN authorization for connected USB and Bluetooth devices
- Option to use one account for several websites or appliions
- Option to store several banking cards and accounts in one Identity.DOWNLOAD Manager + uine From Here

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