Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to sy Setup your own Anonymous Email (or Fake Email) Service

Anonymous email, often referred to as prank email (or fake email), allows the user to send an email without disclosing their identity. The system uses a simple input form on a web page. Information is entered filling out the elements of a rl email. Sender's and recipient's email addresses, subject and message body are usually the minimum required fields. Clicking on the send or submit button activates a script formats the information and then sends out the bogus text with the system mail utility.
The recipient opens a rl looking email from the fake address and rds the prank content. Prank email's primary purpose involves playing practical jokes on acquaintances. Some services offer canned pranks like a payment notifiion from an online adult "novelty" store with an itemized order confirmation. Most pranksters like to write their own situation specific pranks.
The service can also be used to anonymously pass information. Beware, Internet forensics mn that only casual end users will be fooled. This is not the method of choice for ats of international intrigue, smugglers, or mercenaries. Savvy users who check their mail hders won't be fooled by prank email. Those using prank email for illegal purposes will discover that the anonymous service will turn over their router and server logs rather than be liable. In other words, recrtional use only.
Follow The Steps To Setup Your Own Anonymous Email (Fake Email) Service
Step 1: First find out free hosting website like www.x10hosting.com or www.000webhost.com.
Step 2: Now upload following P script,
Installation of P Script :
It's very sy. Just save the script above as mail.p and copy it to the server (via FTP or cPanel's File Manager) into your public_html dir and begin to send mails. Type in your browser for example .x10.bz/

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