Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Delta Force 3 - Land Warrior Full Version Game Free Download

Delta Force 3 - Land Warrior: If you want to mow down terrorists using the latest firrms in a variety of colorful settings, then this is your game.When most other shooters had you locked indoors, hunting for power-ups as you fought fantasy crtures, Delta Force helped usher in the hard-core tactical shooter. Delta Force and its sequel focused on relatively rlistic Special Forces actions. Single shots could kill, stlth mattered, and you could engage targets outdoors from extreme distances. While marred by wk enemy artificial lice, the new third installment, Delta Force: Land Warrior, builds on this formula. It introduces a new graphicsengine, some of the latest military firrms, and 30 colorful single-player missions.In rl life, Delta Force is the US Special Forces unit that carries out the most difficult and sensitive counterterrorist and commando operations. In Delta Force: Land Warrior, you can play as five different Delta Force operatives, ch with his or her own specialties. Characters have detailed backgrounds, and they're pretty interesting; for instance, hvy gunner Pitbull was a hvyweight fighter from the Bronx, while Gas Can, the resident demolitions expert, is a good ol' boy from Texas. These characterizations have little bring on gameplay, but ch character's special abilities do: One is a swift swimmer, another can hold hvy wpons stdier, another is a superb knife fighter, and so on.Delta Force 3 - Land Warrior Download From Here

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