Tuesday, May 24, 2016

7 Ultimate Shine Edition Full Version Free Download For (x86/x64)

Here is the glamorous, new and eye ching new modded . This time it is made with the best twking around to fulfill the requests of downloaders/members. the iso file and instal by upgrading the present OS or make a cln instal and see the difference. It is modded by Prince NRVL and also known as Art Edition II.

# Can be installed over XP/Vista. Cln instal not required.
# Aero effects like avalon effects etc are enabled for the quality in apprence.
# You can install this OS via USB thumb drive with minimum capacity of 8 GB. Open the with ultra ISO and go to bootable menu and select the Write , select your thumb drive and start writing. Thats all. Now boot your system with it. However your mother board should allow the USB device booting.
# Change boot screen as you like - The boot load updater [ by forlife] is been added to documents folder. Open it and select the animation you have. You can download various others through google. Three animations have been provided.
# Change logon screen picture - Provided a small appliion in documents folder. Select that and start changing your screen! To check the pic enabled or not just press plus L [ W + L ] it locks the computer at log in screen.

What's new
- This OS installs in 10 mins
- New Eye ching themes
- Faster explorer response twk
- Faster boot
- 7 Boot screen changer (thanks to rforlife)
- Additional back up soft
- New interface rather than AERO Simple
- New logo and new stlye in setups
- 64 Bit version as required by many downloaders

Soft included
7 zip 64 bit 4.65
Rder Lite 9.4.031 64 Bit
Bitcomet 1.27 64 bit
CClner 2.3.3 64 bit
Additional C updates!
DirectX 64 bit
Drm Scene 64 Bit
sy B 2.0.2
FileZilla 3.3.3 64 Bit
FireFox 7.01a1 64 BIT [ Nightly ]
Flash Player Plugins 64 bit for firefox 64 and IE 64
Hidden Files Toggler Prince NRVL
Internet Download Manager 6.05.3
Internet Explorer 9 64 Bit
Jane nfo rder 1.62
Java Runtime 64 Bit
KLite CoDec Pack 5.00 64 Bit
KLite Mega coDec Pack 7.50 32 Bit
Microangelo On Display 6.1 64 Bit
Media Player CLassic 64 Bit
My Phone Explorer 1.8.1
nEt FramerWork 4
Notepad ++ 5.6.8 64 Bit
Shickwave 64 bit
Viao Gate
Speedy fox
Tm Viewer
Ultra ISO 9.3.6
UxStyle CORE 64 Bit
VLC 1.1.11
Winrar 3.93 64 Bit
7 Boot update rtolife 64 bit [ Documents FOLDER ]
Yahoo Messenger 11

media player
Neo Site at context menu
Grant Full admin rights
Change theme
Change wallpaper
Desktop Icons Settings
MsConfig on computer context menu
Advanced user accounts
Clr type
Copy to move to
Disable defender
Disable UAC
Enable avalon effects
Enable glass effects
Enable slow motion of while min/max
Get rid of splash msg in mail
Flip 3D

24 new and eye ching themes. [ thanks to mems @ VC ]

Minimum : Pentium 4 Processor, 2 gb ram, 128 mb onboard graphics, rom/USB port
Best performance : i7 and i5 with high end graphics. Works just charm
Tested on : Different Systems including i3, i5, i7 and quadcore PCs.

- The themes are from VC, thanks to the rl makers of this OS.
- Thanks to RAZOREDGE @ VC for this phenomenal work on the ICONS
- Prince NRVL twked and checked all the parameters of new modded OS.
- Dedied to SHINES by Prince NRVL
Autorun menu contains 2 soundtracks :
- Closer to the edge - 30 Seconds to mars [30STM ]
- New Divide - Linkin Park [ Just a fan ] How to Download and Extract the 7 ISO FILE:Download Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 And Part 12 in Same Folder After Download Right Click On Part 1 The Menu Will Be Open Click On "Extract Here" Then All Parts are Extracted Automatically after Extracted All Parts. Download Power ISO, Install and it to Enjoy..!Download Se7en Part - 1 From HereDownload Se7en Part - 2 From HereDownload Se7en Part - 3 From HereDownload Se7en Part - 4 From HereDownload Se7en Part - 5 From HereDownload Se7en Part - 6 From HereDownload Se7en Part - 7 From HereDownload Se7en Part - 8 From HereDownload Se7en Part - 9 From HereDownload Se7en Part - 10 From HereDownload Se7en Part - 11 From HereDownload Se7en Part - 12 From HereDOWNLOAD POWER ISO + FROM HERE TO ISODOWNLOAD POWER ISO + FROM HERE

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